Saturday, September 14, 2013

ORSON WELLES SPEAKS ************************************ He hated the Irish, beginning with Spencer Tracy. In his recently published CONVERSATIONS he explains: “Seven hundred years of bitter oppression changed their character, gave them that passive meanness and cunning.” * By contrast, he loved Hungarians: “I love Hungarians to the point of sex! I almost get a hard-on when I hear a Hungarian accent; I am so crazy about them.” * On Israelis: “The only time they make good music is when Zubin Mehta, a Hindu, comes to conduct.” * On Coppola: “THE GODFATHER is the glorification of a bunch of bums who never existed.” * More to follow…. # ORSON WELLES SPEAKS (II) ****************************************** On intellectuals: “They are the biggest pushovers. They love power. They cluster around whatever golden boy, or man, is in power and begin to justify it.” * On writers: “I don’t like Dostoevsky. Tolstoy is my writer. Gogol is my writer. I’m not a Joyce guy…” * On women: “They are another race. You can’t tell them the truth. You have to lie.” * On Russians: “They have terrible taste. They are a people of genius; and they are very literal. They are ‘machine-made.’ Poor people.” * On American journalists: ‘ “Cocksuckers with typewriters.” * On Laurence Olivier: “He was so in love with his own image it was terribly hard for him to resist going down on himself.” # ONCE BRAINWASHED ALWAYS BRAINWASHED ********************************************* That’s the only way to explain why so far Christians have failed to convert Muslims and vice versa. * Both bishops and imams agree that when it comes to brainwashing children are more receptive candidates; and what’s even more outrageous, they call it education. * The overwhelming majority of people are born, live, and die as dupes. * I judge the importance of a book by the number of prejudices and preconceptions it exposes and shatters beyond repair. * An honest Christian will be honest only in the eyes of his co-religionists. An honest infidel or hetanos is an oxymoron. * An Armenian has no use for writers. He is a man of action who understands everything and knows nothing – or is it the other way around? #

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