Wednesday, July 18, 2012

as i see it

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
“Have you heard?”
“The miracle worker in Palestine who can raise the dead.”
“Big deal!”
“He can actually make a corpse rise and walk.”
“The world is full them.”
“Miracle workers?”
“No, walking cadavers.”
For everyone who dares to whisper the truth
there will be ten who will try to shout him down.
The rich have an excellent reason to believe in God.
God has been good to them.
Monday, July 16, 2012
In the eyes of our 1%,
we, the 99%,
need their guidance,
even if so far their guidance has been in the wrong direction –
towards massacres, genocide, alienation, assimilation, and exodus.
With such a 1%, who needs sultans and commissars?
We are smart?
Don’t make me laugh!
Our 1% are smart only when it comes to deceiving the 99%;
and our 99%, far from being smart, are probably dumber
than Germans under Hitler,
Russians under Stalin,
and Turks under Kemal.
If I ever say “throw the bums out,”
I have every reason to suspect
all honest bosses, bishops, and benefactors
(assuming there are any left)
will secretly agree with me.
Monday, July 16, 2012
It is not generally known that
serving one’s fellow men
can be as rewarding an experience
as deceiving and exploiting them.
Everybody wants to be somebody;
nobody wants to be a decent human being,
which, in the kind of world we live,
may well be the most ambitious dream to realize.
People who make careless statements
and when challenged proceed to defend them,
end up believing in their own falsehoods.
Arguing with them amounts to promoting fanaticism.
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
No one can be as deaf as the man
who likes the sound of his own voice.
What we call prophecy very often is nothing
but an objective interpretation of human nature.
Epictetus once said:
“Of the ten evils we fear, only one happens to us.”
He should have added:
Of the thousand and one evils we do not fear,
all thousand and one will happen to us.
Greed, lust, and fear will make the most cunning man
behave like a fool.
It is not enough to have the perception to see the truth,
the honesty to admit it,
and the courage to speak;
one must also have the cunning to survive it.
When a nation suffers a military defeat,
its poets begin to sing of past moral victories.
Always read with a concrete aim in mind – to solve a problem, to expose a lie, to demolish an enemy.
Wednesday, July 18, 2012
The 1% have more tricks up their sleeves
than the 99% have the imagination to see them.
Is the Genocide real or a figment of our imagination?
The 1% in both the United States and Turkey know it to be real.
As for the 99%:
(one) they are brought up to believe what they are told by the 1%, and
(two) they don’t give a damn.
Divine justice: the innocent are condemned to death
as surely as the guilty.
Imagine if you can our planet as seen from another galaxy.
Imagine further that on that speck of dust
there are billions of creatures all of whom think of themselves
as the center of the universe…

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