Saturday, January 4, 2014

ON WEALTH ****************************** Someone like Obama could never be as wealthy as someone like Romney because, according to Plato, an honest man will employ only honest means and a dishonest man will employ honest as well as dishonest means to amass his fortune. I am not saying Plato speaks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. All I am doing is paraphrasing an opinion and an opinion is not a dead end but only a tentative beginning. * ON MORMONISM ******************************* Shaw says somewhere all professions are conspiracies against the laity. Likewise, all religions may be said to be conspiracies against all other religions. The same applies to ideologies and closed systems of thought. * MORE ON OBAMA **************************** He made many mistakes? Maybe. But had he done the opposite of what he did, he would have been impeached. Who wants a pope in the White House? # FROM MY NOTEBOOKS **************************************** If you speak the truth you will be contradicted not only by liars but also by dupes and idiots. * I don’t understand everything. Only god does; and if god wanted me to understand everything he would have created not men but gods. * For every truth there is a lie and sometimes a thousand of them. * A man who is his own worst enemy cannot be anyone’s friend. * The closer I get to the final answer the more certain I feel of my final failure. * Two mosquitoes may achieve more than one; a thousand of them may inflict serious damage. # Wednesday, January 01, 2014 ************************************** HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!! **************************** one and all! * ON LEADERSHIP ************************** Political leaders hate to admit error. Hence the existence of hirelings – meant to say, nationalist historians – and the importance of patriotism which is easily confused with loyalty to the leadership even when the leaders happen to be swine. * ON COMFORT & JOY ****************************** When told I am a comfort to our enemies, I say, we are a greater comfort when we divide ourselves. * ON HUMAN NATURE ************************** No matter what you say, you will get on someone’s nerves. Consider what happened to Socrates and Jesus. You say that was then and this is now? I say: technology may change but human nature stays the same. There are as many violations of human rights today as there were in the 5th century BC and 1st century AD. # INTOLERANCE ************************ Intolerance makes men stupid. You can guess a man’s IQ fairly accurately by the manner in which he welcomes new ideas. * At least once every day we should remind ourselves of the vastness of the universe and our own insignificance in it. * Inaction can create as many problems as wrong action. * Some of the greatest men in the history of mankind were persecuted, even executed, for daring to challenge the authority of the 1%. What does that tell you about the IQ of mankind? # ON POPULAR MUSIC ************************************ Popular music is incapable of achieving greatness. * There is something fundamentally wrong in a culture whose musical standards are set by teenagers and the CEOs of the recording industry. * I am reminded of the king who, after visiting America, said he was impressed by the manner in which parents obeyed their children. * One of the things that I love about America is the readiness with which they acknowledge their “ugly” specimens. There is even a best-selling book titled THE UGLY AMERICAN and a movie based on it with Marlon Brando in the title role. # NOTES & COMMENTS ************************************ As a child I don’t remember an adult saying “I don’t know.” What they said was “You’ll find out when you grow up.” * I don’t write for readers; I write against them beginning with myself. * As a failure I am free; as a success I may be a slave to my success. Isn’t that what happened to Arlen and Saroyan? * When we divide ourselves the message we send to our enemies is: “No need to kill us; we are committing suicide.” * Armenians may be said to have a Turkish problem. I am that rarest of all Armenians: an Armenian with Armenian problems. * In a disagreement, you cannot defeat your adversary by insulting him; you can only expose your own limitations and inability to entertain new ideas. # ON WRITING **************************** The best opening line is the one you delete, according to Chekhov who probably wrote more opening lines than any other writer. * I remember to have read somewhere, as soon as you write a brilliant line, delete it. As far as I know, Simenon, one of the most successful and prolific writers of all time, never wrote a single brilliant line in his life. * Q ********** Who benefits from wars, volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis? Surely, not God. Who then? Is Mother Nature in cahoots with the Devil? What else? * ON PROFIT ***************** If you are in the business of making money, your greatest assets are the ignorance and stupidity of the masses. Something similar could be said of politics. * PARTY DISCIPLINE *************************** It has happened to the best of my childhood friends. On their own they were more like wolves; but after joining a political party, they turned into sheep. Were they emasculated by party discipline? # 

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